Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We make your every event with us an enjoyable experience by offering the highest quality of fresh products and wonderful service.


We make sure that we will be at your place within the time limit given to you when you place your order, but the guarantee availability and time varies depending on number of factors.


Beside the time guarantee If you are not satisfied with the quality of an item in your order, or missing an item from your order or delivered the wrong item from your order, in each case we will replace the item or issue a credit towards the next order (that is for smaller items e.g dressing, beverage or snack etc). This satisfaction guarantee applies to the orders placed one hour prior to the store closing time. The orders placed in the last hour of the store closing will be dealt the next business day by issuance of credit. your money will not be refund but it will be replaced by other product.


Time guarantee is not applicable for larger orders, hence they take longer time to cook. To be eligible for either of the guarantee CIBO CALDO must receive the complaint on the day order was placed. CIBO CALDO reserves the right to remove any of the guarantee at any time for any reason whatsoever in its sole discretion including, but not limited to, inclement weather, technical problems or restaurant related issues. Order can not be cancelled after 30 minutes of placement.


We always committed to protecting the Personal Information you provide to us. CIBO CALDO reserves the right to access and or disclose personal information where required to comply with applicable laws or lawful government requests or to operate CIBO CALDO website or contact centers properly and securely. The personal information is stored in the computer database, which are protected through fire wall and PCI compliance. Your personal information may be passed on to the third party in the event of transfer of ownership or to our affiliates to make our pos system or website more effective and efficient. You may at any time contact CIBO CALDO to remove your personal information from the database.

Terms & conditions can be changed on periodically basis, hereby, we inform to our value added customer.

We have some special offers & benefits for our value added customers. Customer can avail the benefits through the membership of the restaurant.

You can order your product online, we also provide online services to our customer which is free of cost.

Customer can have an online portal as well where he can be attach with us.

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, the practices of this website or our Contact Centre, or your dealings with the website or our Contact Centre, you can contact us at support@cibocaldo.com or call at 410 444 3334.


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